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We're like a Financial Swiss Army Knife
That is why we have expanded our services to include everything from Information Technology to Wealth Management to specialized industries like real estate and breweries. Whether you need assistance with routine tasks or crisis management, H&S is your partner through thick and thin. When you succeed, we succeed.

I.T. Strategy and Consulting

Computer cloud

There’s more to running a business than just delivering a great service or product. The technology behind you needs to live up to the quality of your business and that is where H&S Computers can help. We are your technology partners working to ensure your network runs smoothly, your files are protected, and there’s a plan in place should disaster strike. Should your technology fail you, we are only a phone call away to help get you back up and running as quickly as possible.

Peace of mind comes from knowing that your IT system is running as efficiently as possible, that your network is secure, and that your data will be there when you need it most. Let H&S Computers help give you that peace of mind by providing a free onsite evaluation of your IT infrastructure. Our engineers will perform a comprehensive analysis on all key systems of your network. We will then help you to understand what weaknesses may exist in the current system and help you to plan for the future needs of your business. Contact us today to setup an appointment.

Or simply start by taking our Security Analysis For Evaluating Risk (S.A.F.E.R.) survey online today! This analysis is a free, non-invasive review of your computer operations. We created this fraud analysis to make sure our clients’ businesses were protected by identifying any areas of risk!