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Lean Process Improvement

plan do check act LPI - smThe Eight Wastes of any process are: defects, overproduction, waiting, transportation, inventory, excess motion, extra processing, and under-utilized talents.

If your process includes any of these wastes, then you will benefit from our Lean Manufacturing training and implementation. We have a very detailed process to help you identify and eliminate the Eight Wastes in your business.

H&S Companies can help you…

  • Identify your current processes through a “Current State Value Stream Map”
  • Locate the waste in the current process
  • Identify the future process, eliminating the waste, through a “Future State Value Stream Map”
  • Perform an analysis of most improvement availability with least cost required
  • Develop an action plan to attack the waste through process improvement
  • Implement process improvements through the use of Lean Manufacturing tools such as 5S, kaizen events, kanban, one-piece flow manufacturing, and quality process controls

Lean Implementation Process Sheet