‘Tis The Season To…Hire Temporary Employees

Background checks help protect employers

Background checks help protect employers

USA Today reported, “six of the largest store chains in America will together add more than 300,000 temporary workers during the season to account for the expected higher volume of shoppers”. According to MSNBC, Amazon alone is hiring 50,000 employees for the holiday season. That’s a lot of new faces for employers to keep track of!

While this time of year is busy for stores looking to hire people quickly, some forget one important step — background checks. The ACFE reports that small businesses lose $2.9 trillion annually because of fraud committed by their own workers.  Background checks are one way to help prevent fraud from happening to you.

When running a background check, the first thing to consider is whether you want to run a state or national background check.  When making this decision, keep in mind that a state background check will not show if crimes were committed outside that respected state and may not show a clear picture of the individual’s activities.

Before implementing a background check, your company should have policies regarding best practices and industry requirements. In the policies, it should state what types of crimes would cause you to retract an employee offer. It is best to run a check after an offer is made with a clause that employment is pending results that are in align with your specific policies.

H&S Companies facilitates background checks with real time processing. Our software pulls data from a national database and provides accurate reports of convictions.

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Kit Powell
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