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Whether you are looking to retire and find a home for your clients that you can trust will serve them in the same professional and caring manner you did, or you are looking to join a firm of professionals that are as dedicated as you to providing the highest level of service possible, we believe H&S should be your choice!

  • We are a team – We don’t care much for organizational charts and pyramids (unless they are inverted). We value every team member’s contribution and prefer as flat a chart as possible and here it is:

– Team Members: Includes everyone

– Shareholders: Very inclusive – we have many and appreciate all

– Directors: Those chosen to serve the above

  • Fun and Family – Having fun, whether it’s bus trips to Chicago for Christmas with spouses, grill outs, golf outings or trips to ball games we like to have fun and involve our families. You know what they said about Johnnie and all work, don’t you? Flexible work schedules, the opportunity to work remotely and a generous PTO policy are just a few other examples of our commitment to family.
  • Laughter – It’s not only good for the soul, but it has been proven to reduce stress and improve morale and productivity. We promote and encourage LAUGHTER.
  • Risk Taking/Failure – We have worked very hard to create a culture that encourages people to take risks with new ideas and to not be afraid to fail. We like to “throw ideas at the wall and see what sticks,” and it is important not to beat folks up that try and fail.
  • Teamwork – Every firm, of course, is only as good as its team. We are most fortunate at H&S to employ a caring group, and that caring extends not only to our clients, but to their fellow teammates. Perhaps, the quality that most sets H&S apart is best described in this quote our team lives by, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

If this is the kind of firm you would like to become a part of we would love to talk with you! Please check out career opportunities or reach out to have a confidential conversation about merging with H&S.

All the best,
Daniel R. Slate, CPA
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