The Embezzler | Fall 2012 Newsletter

In This Edition

  • Fraud Happens Everywhere: As we listen to stories of fraud in our homes across Western and Central Michigan, it’s hard to imagine embezzlement or fraud happening in our small business. But, it does happen more frequently, and goes on for perhaps longer than we think.
  • Holiday Scam Alert: Gift Card Stripping: Gift cards are one of the most popular presents of the holiday season, but could they lead to disappointment from the recipient?
  • Tis the Season to…Hire Temporary Employees: While this time of year is busy for stores looking to hire people quickly, some forget one important step — background checks.
  • H&S Employee Receives Recognition For Work on Fraud Case: Tamra Matthews started working in the H&S Companies Mount Pleasant location just a few short months ago, and she is already making a name for herself in the community.
  • Profile of a Perp: Typical traits of the Occupational Fraudster.

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Kit Powell
Certified Fraud Examiner