In Wake of Hurricane Sandy Don’t Fall for Phishing Scams


Beware of phishing scams that take advantage of people's goodwill.

Unfortunately, after large-scale disasters, it’s not uncommon for fraudsters to try to take advantage of people’s goodwill. If you’re going to donate to disaster relief programs, such as those for Hurricane Sandy, remember to use common sense and be on the lookout for scams. Things to keep in mind include:

  • Be sure you’re donating to a reputable organization. Be on the lookout for names that are similar to reputable organizations but are not actually affiliated with them.
  • Use the same caution for emails soliciting disaster relief donations that you would use for those soliciting personal information.
  • Don’t give out your Social Security number, credit card or bank account numbers, passwords, or other sensitive information to those soliciting a contribution.
  • If you plan to deduct donations, be sure to pay with check, credit, or other methods that have documentation.

If you have questions regarding charitable donations deductions, contact H&S Companies.

To learn more read, IRS Warns Consumers of Possible Scams Relating to Hurricane Sandy Relief.