Got a big tax debt? Maybe Charlie Sheen Will Help…


Lindsay Lohan might not be "winning" despite Charlie Sheen paying off a large chunk of her tax bill.

At least that’s what worked for Lindsay Lohan. AccountingToday published that the starlet reportedly owes $233,904 in unpaid taxes to the IRS. Sheen found out about the massive debt while the two were filming Scary Movie 5, and he offered to help with the tax leins; however, Lohan declined at the time.

Lohan later decided to accept the cash from Sheen and applied his $100,000 check to her outstanding debt. According to Forbes though, neither Lohan nor Sheen may be “winning” on the transaction. Because of rules regarding large cash gifts, Lohan may be liable for $35,000 in income taxes on the money, or if Sheen declares the money as a gift, he could be liable for gift tax.

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photo credit: Marie Smoking TS via photopin cc