H&S Cares

We at H&S would like to do our part to help those in need by contributing to The Food Bank Council of Michigan. We have set aside $50,000 as a matching contribution to The Food Bank Council of of Michigan. And here is how you can make a difference… H&S will match: $10 minimum donation, and up to $1,000 maximum donation (per person/couple).

Simply click the “donate now” button below by the new tax deadline (July 15) and H&S will match your donation. And with the new rules for 2020 your contributions could be fully deductible for federal tax purposes (up to $300 maximum).

We Are Matching Contributions
Dollar for Dollar

23% Of Our $50,000 Goal!

H&S Honor Roll – thank you for your donations!

Hervey Family Bruce & Chloe Meyers Art Ross Shawn Baxter Traci Marshall

Jake Kraley Joseph Bohan Brenda Nelson Patricia Brasseur

Rolly & Nikki Reed Nick & Stephanie Hendon Lynnel & Randy Filbrandt Mimi Cummings

Tim & Jen Feuerstein Dan & Lori Slate Jane Griffin

Scott & Carol Hunt Zack & Bethany Hunt Doug & Gayle Krieger Kevin & Susan Magin

Joy Foster Celina Zuniga Nancy E Springstead Tom and Dianne OBrien

Chad & Katie Appold Cassidy Austin Gary Manning

Michelin Scramlin Kelly Wagenmaker Pat Crowe & Linda Swantek Dale & Sue Twing

Kim Glaser Cory & Laura Preuss Carl & Lynda Tuuk Bruce & Deb Applebach

Katie Mason Tim & Cindy Caywood Mark Babinec

Jason & Stephanie DeKuiper Ross family Caitlin Hughey Ray & Judy Frank

Ann English Rick & Barbara Jarman Bob & Marcia Pinder The Smiths

Brandy Simon Louis & Joy Ecker James & Jacqueline Bowen James Heglund & Family

Dale & Lenore Bacon Dawn Zuniga John & Ailene Pugno Sue Preuss

Eric & Pamela Morgan Louis & Paula Meeuwenberg Merlin & Jaunita Delo Jack & Susan Cady

Eileen Pramuk Jerry & Marcia Dougan Frank & Shirley Bunce Brendan & Kelly Talty

Jean Storm Roland Anderson John & Sandra Ryswick Scott Rumsey & Theresa Dean-Rumsey

David & Gert Bradley Jerry & Nancy Tackett Dick & Jackie Russell Pam Hinkley

Will & Julie Beaton Mike & Deb LeFevre Larry & Elaine Hansen Tyler & Lisa Bollaert

Thomas J Roney George & Heidi Roberts Gilboe’s Lock and Safe Grand Valley Glass LLC


Donations so far!

Tribute Wall

A tribute to my grandmothers, who never let anyone leave their house without a full stomach.

Donated in tribute to our clients who have struggled with COVID-19 and are on the road to recovery. This couples strength in living with the disease through almost 2 months of hospitalization is amazing and inspiring.

In memory of Michelle Anderson.

In memory of Jerold Tanis and Grace Goudswaard.

In loving memory of my mother.

Though we are all the same storm – we are not all in the same boat. Compassion and understanding is needed now more than ever.