Still Haven’t Had Your Taxes Done? Time is Running Out!

The tax deadline is quickly approaching; make sure you get your paperwork in. (photo credit:

Taxes are due tomorrow! So, what do you do if you still haven’t had your taxes done? It’s best to be proactive, and work to avoid penalties. At this point, it is probably too late to have a tax professional complete and file your taxes by the deadline, but there is still action you can take.

  • File for an extension This will extend the amount of time you have to file your tax paperwork, however, it WILL NOT extend the amount of time you have to pay if you owe money. You can file for an extension on the IRS website.
  • Send the estimated amount you owe by April 17th Remember it’s best to err on the side of caution, because if you owe more than you send, you will still be penalized. If you are going to receive money back then you have three years to file (and with the extension you have 3 years and 6 months).
  • Have your taxes completed as soon as possible Be sure to file your paperwork as soon as possible, so you can receive any money back you deserve.

Still have questions? Contact an H&S tax professional today.