HR Strategy | Revamp Your Incentive Program To Get The Best Results From Employees

Employee Behaviors

What type of behavior does your organization encourage?

Does your incentive program involve encouraging employees to achieve behavior-focused goals? If not, your business may be missing out on receiving the best work performance possible from employees.
According to H&S HR Manager, Travis Sinquefield, research has shown that the best performance comes from defining, emphasizing, and reinforcing the behaviors that are important to an organization. Just as with training programs — which require constant reinforcement after the training in order to be successfully implemented and applied in the organization — the same goes for performance management
By switching the focus on the behaviors that lead to successful results, the performance management system can be designed to constantly emphasize and reinforce the desired behaviors, thus creating a strong, performance-based culture.
When designing a behavior-focused program, it is critical to take the time to really understand and do the following:

  • What behaviors are desirable and impact organizational results?
  • After you answer this question, you must then constantly reinforce those behaviors through communication and feedback.
  • Once employees understand the behaviors that are important to both the organization and the individual being successful, and how that leads to the desired result, a stronger culture of understanding and mutually beneficial goals will develop.

What approach has your organization taken towards performance management? Is it designed to reinforce and emphasize the end results, or is it designed to reinforce and emphasize critical behaviors?
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Travis Sinquefield
HR Manager