Economically Speaking

“If it bleeds it leads”. The economy isn’t exactly bleeding anymore but, based on the headlines, it still seems that way.

Many individuals and businesses continue to struggle in this economy, particularly those involved in construction/real estate and businesses in need of financing.

The economic trends, however, are far better than what we often hear in the media – bad news obviously sells better than good.

The following are excerpts of key economic trends, as reported by Bloomberg Finance in 2012:

  • Initial jobless claims are just below the average of the past 45 years.
  • Non-farm payrolls have increased for 21 straight months.
  • Chicago Purchasing Managers Index indicates expansion for 33 months.
  • Capacity utilization approaching 40-year average of 80%.
  • U.S. GDP up 11 straight quarters.

To succeed in business, you must possess a positive attitude, look for opportunities, and continue to evolve and change with the world around you.

As your trusted business advisors, we expect you to hold us accountable to the above not only as it relates to your business, but ours, as well!

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Dan Slate
Certified Public Accountant