Streamlining Business Systems to be More Effective

Is your system streamlined? Enterprise Resource Planning can help get your whole team on the same page. (Photo Credit:

The IT Systems Engineers at H&S are frequently asked by business owners how best to integrate their multiple systems into one streamlined process. They’re concerned because, for example, their accounting department has some customer information in one set of spreadsheets and programs, and their warehouse has it another. No one has a full view of the customer’s situation because their data is stored in a variety of programs.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is an effective way to integrate multiple systems into one streamlined process. It allows accounts receivable to see how much a customer owes, while the warehouse is able to see what needs to be shipped to that same customer from the same program.  And should the customer call, the call center is able to access the same information as accounting and the warehouse, so they are able to answer questions with information updated in real-time.

ERP can only work, however, if the organization and their employees are dedicated to changing the way they do business. The system can never work if the warehouse still keeps inventory in their old excel file or if the Customer Service Representatives don’t document phone calls in the new program. To learn more, read the article Enterprise Resource Planning By Tim Nass , IT Systems Engineer, in our April newsletter, or contact Tim at 616.735.3054.

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