Beware of Early Withdrawal Penalties

Removing money from your nest egg early could cost you.

Thinking about pulling money out of your retirement plan early? Below are a few things you should know about early withdrawal.

  • An early withdrawal is considered removing money from your retirement account before you reach age 59½.
  • If you decided to withdrawal your funds before age 59½, you must report the amount removed to the IRS and you may be subject to a 10% penalty on the early withdrawal.
  • You may be able to avoid the 10% penalty for the following reasons:
    • You withdrew money from a retirement account in which you paid taxes on the money before you deposited it.
    • Transferring money from a qualified retirement plan to another retirement plan within 60 days is not subject to income tax or the 10% penalty.
    • Other exceptions may be made, for example, if you need to remove money for certain medical expenses or if a taxpayer is disabled.

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