In The News: Former Assistant Principal Pleads Guilty to Embezzlement

Segregate Duties

Simply segregating duties between various team members can help reduce the chance of fraud occurring.

According to an article in theDetroit Free Press, Samuel Craig, a former assistant principal, was convicted of embezzling more than $36,000 from his union.

Craig was able to embezzle the money in his role as treasurer of his school’s union. He used blank, pre-signed checks, which officials believed would be used to pay bills, for his own use. Additionally, Craig opened a debit card linked to union funds and authorized electronic fund transfers to his personal bank account.

This story highlights the importance of implementing procedures to prevent fraud. Officials should review financial statements regularly, rotate financial duties if possible, and segregate duties to prevent one person from having too much power.

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Source: Former Highland Park assistant principal pleads guilty to embezzling from union by Melanie Scott Dorsey